Dear New English Teacher

Dear all prospective English language teachers,

UK-China Education’s teacher placement program gives prospective foreign teachers the chance to explore the wonders of Asia while earning more than enough money to live a confortable lifestyle in a number of locations around China. We are partnered with many schools all over China who offer varying wages, perks and working times. With so many options we are sure to be able to find the right school and the right program for you.


Minimum: a bachelor’s degree of any kind

Most suited: Bachelor’s degree in any field related to education or any bachelor’s degree and two years of work experience.

Mandatory requirements: fluent English and no criminal record

Wages: per month – Working schedules range from 9 to 35 hours per week. Most contracts last about one typical school year.

7000 – 14000 CNY

USD: 1130 – 2255

GBP: 766 – 1533

Euro: 1060 – 2120

Based on the exchange rate of 10/04/ 2015

In addition to wages, many packages include free flights or flight subsidies and free accommodation or accommodation subsidies. Many packages also include large bonuses. All packages include work visas. All packages allow students to take off all holidays and some allow teacher to take 30-45 days off, many packages allow teachers to only work 3 or 4 times a week (3-4 hours per day) and still allow them to earn upwards of 10,000 CNY. In addition to this we can help you find many tutoring jobs or part time teaching jobs. Here you can be expected to earn no less than 200 CNY per hour*.

* 32 USD Per Hour, 30 Euros Per Hour, 22 GBP

Kinds of teaching available:

Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle school (secondary school), High school (collage) and Business English.

For any further information or to request a specially tailored package email me at Response will be given within two working days, remember to consider time zone differences when awaiting a response.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Ian Demarmels

Marketing Director for UK-China Education Ltd.