Forest School

UK-China Education is an UK based agency. On one hand, we provide training and educational opportunities for Chinese clients. On the other hand, we are committed to expanding the ethos of Forest School, a program that has been broadening people’s perspective on education and providing an extraordinary alternative to conventional teaching methods in the UK since 1993.

UKCE is an agency responsible for creating partnerships with Chinese educational institutions whose responsibility it is to recruit students for training so that they can become qualified forest school leaders. We also work to promulgate a better academic and commercial understanding of the importance, quality and universality of Forest School education. These dedications allow us to work closely with schools all over China in their establishment of high standard Forest School curriculum.

We are also partnered with UK based course providers who are experienced in effectively delivering course curriculum. UKCE facilitates and catalyses the smooth transition of all undertakings between educational institutions in China and the UK to ensure a successful relationship between the east and the west.

International Educational Programmes

UKCE delivers a wide range of educational programs in the UK and helps to establish their availability in China. Such educational programs include: A-Levels, GCSEs, Foundation courses and English courses, all being available from both private and public providers alike. For those students unsure of their commitment to long term educational programs in the UK we also provide demonstrative courses to show what Chinese students might expect from the UK educational system. In addition to this, we provide security and clarity to prospective Chinese students by providing services such as translation, Visa assistance and personal consultation. In fact, we do all that we can to aid our clients in the fulfillment of all necessary requirements to ensure expedited transition from China to the United Kingdom.

In addition to working with individuals in their goal to pursue foreign education, we also create partnerships with Chinese educational Institutions. This allows us to open channels for dialogue between Chinese institutions and UK institutions so that they may create special educational programs such as student exchanges and collaborative projects. This collaboration allows both institutions to develop and become ever more internationally minded so that they may meet the demands of an ever more international world.