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UK-China Education Affiliated Nursery – Kent Beilei Forest School Kindergarten Children’s Day Event

On the 29th of May 2015, the skies were blue with fresh summer breezes, we welcomed our children to the annual International Children’s Day event. On this festive holiday,  the streets are filled with children’s laughter and UCE’s associated nursery – Kent Beilei Forest School Kindergarten held their annual Children’s Day celebration,  “Dream Set Sail” as the theme of the grand interactive event. Daniel, UCE’s marketing director was invited to co-host the event, to lead the children to show the nursery’s bilingual teaching, indoor and outdoor forest school education model learning outcomes. The children dressed up as farm animals, and with their English teacher they performed “Old McDonald’s Farm” play.  Their performance was filled with children’s smiles, happy hearty laughters and left a fantastic impression for the audience and parents.

Pengzhou Kent Beilei Forest School Kindergarten formed collaboration with UCE in early 2015. Recently Kent Beilei Forest School Kindergarten established a “Kent International Class.” Its bilingual education, indoor and outdoor forest school education model differentiates itself as the “Kent International Class” to the rest of the Kindergarten.


The First Chinese Forest School Training Group in the UK

On the 10th of April 2015, UCE welcomed our first Chinese Forest School Training Group to the UK. A group of nine Chinese educators from all over China attended this first ever Forest School Level Three Award Training programme, which was offered to the Chinese Education Industry by UCE and our Chinese partnered institution (Cheng Du Ding Jian Future Education Research Centre) this year. This group offered rich and diverse  educational backgrounds, including nursery teachers, principals, founders of educational institutions, university lecturers for Early Childhood Development and the chairwoman of Tianen Montessori association in China.

Manor House Forest School delivered the Level Three Award and introduced the British Forest School model  to our training group across a two week period, including 3 days of First Aid training to conclude the learning experience. Here is a short video showing their journey in England.

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    Forest School Education

    The main focus of UK-China Education is to expand the ethos and aims of the Forest School system.

Forest School Education

What is Forest School?

The main focus of UK-China Education is to expand the ethos and aims of the Forest School system. Forest School is now widely accepted in the UK since 1993, when it was inspired by the Danish education system. The main ethos of forest school is to improve children’s self-esteem and scholastic aptitude. The program’s overwhelming success is based on strong empirical correlations between high self-confidence and improved performance in school.

The Forest School ethos is largely based on the importance of unique learning styles represented by schemas and other human development techniques. This approach to education has been developed by many notable educational theorists, developmental psychologists and scientific pedologists such as Maria Montessori, Jean Piaget and Jerome Bruner. The successes of Forest School, and the research upon which it is based, demonstrates that by adopting independent and child lead learning, children are able to obtain a much more successful learning experience than one that is more forced and teacher lead. Thus these ethoi encourage an outdoor natural learning environment, a place that practices multi-sensory activities and where all learning styles and schemas can be utilized.