Family Summer Study Programmes

Ideal For

This program is specifically designed for families. It accommodates children from the age of 5 to adults of all ages. It offers suitable English levels, course materials and course structures to enable students of all ages to enjoy a fun learning experience.

Course Details

Adults will have the opportunity to participate in General English, Business Groups and one-to-one tutorials as part of their English language programme. Young children will be learning English in social programs where teaching is incorporated into Play Time activities. Children between the ages of eight and ten are considered as young learners and they will be learning in a more formal environment with interactive learning. Students between the ages of 11 and 17 will be taught in a formal setting at a suitable difficulty level. At the same time as learning English, families will also be given the opportunity to go on excursions, travel around England and participate in a range other activities.

   Age 5+
Start Date June/July/August
Duration 1 – 3 weeks
Hours Per Week 15/20/25hpw