International Baccalaureate

Idea For

This is suitable for students over the age of 16 and is ambitious to achieve beyond A* grades at A-Level. IB Diplomas also allow students to gain entry to the most competitive UK University degrees as well as other well-known Universities around the world.

Course Details

This is an alternative programme to A-Level for students to gain entry to degree levels in the top Universities around the world. It is a full time two years study programme, students must take up six subjects covering languages, sciences, maths, social sciences and the arts. In addition to these subjects, students must also participate in many hours of community service, creative action and Sports (CAS), they must engage in an auxiliary course that improves philosophical and critical analysis ( Theory of Knowledge) and they must write a dissertation in a chosen field of study. The accreditations of this program are recognised in all countries around the world and its ethos promotes a international perspective in its students.

Sample International Baccalaureate Timetable